Magnum Gallery  in Paris presents a show of 40 early works by Herbert List. The selection  for the show Graphic Expression includes unseen and unpublished material from the 1930s. Lists visual language at that time was influenced by Bauhaus und Surrealist photography alike. The result are striking and sometimes enigmatic compositions of architecture, landscapes and stills. 


We are proud to take part in the 55th Venice Biennale . Herbert Lists surreal images of wax figurines in Vienna of 1944 will be displayed at The Encyclopedic Palace , a exhibition curated by Massimiliano Gioni. The works on view there are part of Lists project Panoptikum, a book only existent as a marquette. The project examines the possibilities of blurring the lines of the imaginary world of artificial installation and reality.  In line with Lists early fascination of photographing the human body as a sculpture and capturing greek antic statues as if they were alive. These images, done during the last year of the WW2, are more disturbing and uncanny, and emphasize vulnerability of the body. 


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