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London - The waking city

During the sixties London becomes the "Place to Be" in Europe. List takes its awakening literally and accompanies the city's preparation for the day with his camera.

View from a window

This slightly homogenous series taken in one day from the windowsill of a friends apartment marks a turning point in List work process. It is here that he utilizes a Leica 35mm camera with a telephoto lens for the first time. The small Leica camera becomes a new tool for him that influences his style in the following decade.

La spiaggia e la strada

The beach and the street - show of 40 images which explores two of the main scenes that fascinated List throughout his photographic oeuvre.

Panopticum Vienna

The panopticum in Vienna hosted on the site of the Wiener Prater an encompssing collection of wax figurines. The series was produced in 1944, shortly before the collection was largely destroyed by a fire.

Home Port Hamburg

An exhibition tracing List stylistic development with 62 images of the city of Hamburg from a time period of roughly 35 years

© Herbert List Estate, Hamburg Germany
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